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Theme Development

The WordPress website has outstanding appearances and a distinctive design because of CSS, HTML, and PHP. Many presentation techniques, template files, child themes for WordPress template tags, and WordPress conversion from PSD have been used.

WordPress themes must be created with an eye-catching template and complete theme integration in all of its present modifications. The display size of a computer or cell phone and its resolution is quickly taken into account by the template.

The content for each page is written, revised, formatted, and effectively placed, and the theme is designed based on the company domain. content created by expert writers enhances search engine optimization and boosts the website’s credibility. (SEO).

WordPress comes with two standard themes that users might like or find boring. However, a list of files is also present with as many themes as required, so that individuals can select those or create their own innovative theme in the end and there are many different styles.

Consider that designing, creating, or establishing a standout theme is the work of a professional and that we, the Munich-based BrandCrock GmbH, do so responsibly and with pleasure. We truly enjoy what we do. Our WordPress theme services respond to the needs and preferences of our clients. We achieve this goal by developing original concepts, in keeping with the specific requirements of the domain, including blog, icon, and logo design recommendations from our clients.


A responsive web design can be expanded, developed, and structured for use with any current Corporate Layout (CI). We can change the template as well.

-to achieve a distinctive appearance for your WordPress site or WordPress blog.
-for your online page to benefit fully from WordPress themes, templates, and template tags for new styles.
-numerous site templates to obtain.
-To take advantage of a Theme or style switcher.
-To provide alternative templates for different site pages.
-As a result of the WordPress theme’s separation of display styles and template files from system files, your website is kept up to date.
-full site features modification.
-Changes to a WordPress site’s visual style and structure can be made quickly and easily.

WordPress PLugIn Developmment.

A plugin is a part of the software with a variety of features that can be installed on a WordPress website. A WordPress plugin can make or add new features to a website.
WordPress is a reliable and fantastic online platform. It is exceptional since there are so many integrations, including plugins, and awesome because plugins make it simple to add more features.
WordPress plugins are pieces of software that readily work with WordPress and are created in the PHP programming language. Once the requirements for a particular plug-in have been established, building it is easy. A plug-in can be developed in a variety of contexts, but it is important to make sure that all required Software Development Kit (SDK) files are accessible.

With the aid of WordPress plugins, it is simple to add numerous features to a website, like maps, charts, contacts, forms, backup capabilities, and more. Through the WordPress dashboard, the zip file can be downloaded either manually or automatically. You can choose from more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins. These plugins have been downloaded by more than a billion people.

WordPress provides a platform for discussions on blog sites by incorporating commenting features that increase user exposure. Users can more easily develop complex galleries, forums, networking, SEO controls, media widgets, and other features with the help of WordPress plugins. To fully utilize the capabilities of the online WordPress CMS for blogs and websites, customized Open Source plug-ins are created.

BrandCrock GmbH, a WordPress software development firm, creates and develops a wide variety of distinctive WordPress plugins for the online business community. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an excellent default WordPress feature. Even though the fact that there are thousands of plugins and themes available, BrandCrock GmbH programming all types of plugins, whether sorting, widgets, linking with external APIs, or comprehensive administration; tailored to any unique requirements.

We apply CSS, Javascript, and PHP for the extension, so we have a wide range of possibilities at our fingertips as we produce everything without compromising quality or deadlines while charging our customers significantly less than the market.




PSD layout for WordPress
WordPress or Photoshop Document (PSD) are two words used frequently in web design work. Adobe Photoshop is used to produce PSD files, which allow the author to work with, modify, and save the finished pictures as jpeg or png files.
PSD is already so well-known that learning it is now mandatory. WordPress presently makes up approximately 35 percent of the web, and it is used by nearly all new online businesses. This number is growing steadily.

The terms Photoshop Document (PSD) and WordPress are widely used in web design works. Adobe Photoshop’s ability to work with, alter, and save the final images as jpeg or png files enables for the creation of PSD files.
PSD is already so well-known that everyone should learn about it. Today, WordPress accounts for about 35% of the web, and its use is continuously increasing. The space station of nearly each new online presence is WordPress.

PSD to WordPress conversion requires careful preparation and precise execution. A few things must be thought out in advance in order to correctly convert a PSD to a WordPress template.

-What is the Motive
-HTML coding from PSD
-JPEG, PSD layering, or saving to a bitmap or GIF
-design of an index using programming.HTML and CSS for style
-computer programs that merge image files
-using the WordPress application program to upload a file
-Add mouse rollovers, clicks, hovers, etc.
-into a format suitable for the web
-WordPress along with HTML (or CSS) combination
-WordPress class upload skills
– Enhance by including features
– Using CSS and PHP together for indexing and formatting
– testing browser convenience

If the position mentioned above seems alien, BrandCrock is only now ready to be designated. The staff members handle their jobs efficiently and to the highest standards. They are experts in the IT sector.

Currently, WordPress powers roughly 35 percent of the internet and is the platform of choice for almost all new websites.
PSD to WordPress conversion requires careful preparation and precise execution. To correctly transform a PSD to a WordPress template, a few considerations must be done beforehand.

WordPress themes

Every company brand, product name, logo, and symbol used here belongs to the respective owners. They are only used on this website to help our customers understand how a wise choice in logos and other design elements can have a significant effect on their company. The use of such names, logos, or brands does not in any way represent us; rather, they belong to the respective holders.

WordPress offers
Do you require a fresh website?
Would you prefer a website with a modern appearance?
Do you require an affordable choice?
Furthermore, you need articles, search engine optimization, as well as internet marketing.
use our WordPress code offer, then.

Installation of a theme for WordPress
IT guidance that involves your logo



Installation of a theme for WordPress
IT advice that incorporates your identity
Google Maps Message form integration (standard)

Management of content (Up to 2 hours)

Choosing a subject for hosting organizations’ social media integration

WordPress installation includes installing themes
Using IT consulting, connect a company by adding a Google Maps contact website. (standard)
Management of content (Up to 4 hours)
Organization Hosting Social Media Integration
advice on choosing a subject matter/theme
Plugins (max. 5 from our Best-Of)

All in
Individual Offering

Installation of a theme for WordPress
Consultation in IT
incorporating your logo
Including Google Maps
Management of content (individual)
Choosing a subject for hosting organizations’ social media integration
Plugins (all development)
screen design progression
SEO research and instruction
Support for responsive WordPress training development on contemporary systems

WordPress security package

Maintaining WordPress:
If newer versions are available, update both WordPress and all plugins.
Make sure to upgrade your WordPress Premium theme whenever new changes are made. (if you have one enabled).
We identified and repaired all faulty links, external and internal.
activate and set up brand-new components.
Please add new applications to your website.

Website Backups:
A backup can be used to recover information if your website is compromised or it is unintentionally erased.
Every week, restore your complete website to your backup server or storage, including the database, content, templates, themes, and plugins.
Back up your website to our backup server once a month.
Within one working day, it will recover your website from the most recent backup if it goes down.

Webmaster Account for Google:
Furthermore, it will scan your website for malware, recommend SEO improvements for websites that link to you, give you a monthly update report, and make sure you always know exactly what happened on your website.

Account for Google Analytics:

For a better understanding of what your website users are doing, who they are, and where they are coming from.
Our Support:

There is phone help from 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week.
Email assistance is available daily.

Technical Assistance:
You will receive up to 30 minutes per month of technical help to improve, enhance, or add features to your website.


10% off of any work done to change themes or build websites.


access to our WordPress video lesson collection.